Used Books

(co-written w/ Adam Rubin)
Developed with LeVar Burton, Producer (Eagle Nation Films)

A gifted black teenager struggling to get out of his rough Brooklyn neighborhood becomes the unlikely friend of an elderly British bookstore owner with a past.

The Sea Between

(co-written w/ Nicola Behrman)
Commissioned by Elizabeth Kahn, Producer (Forever After Project, Inc.)

A Dutch girl who has survived the concentration camp at Bergen-Belsen goes to live in London and meets a young Hungarian man, beginning a tumultuous romance that spans from England to Brazil.

The Bold Ones

Semi-Finalist, BlueCat Screenplay Competition

When American mercenaries are sent to escort a female aid worker out of a besieged Colombian village, they become the unlikely defenders of the village against a violent drug cartel.

The New World Order

A madcap satirical comedy in which a besieged American president tries to stop an impending terrorist attack while overseeing a preemptive retaliation on fifty-three foreign countries, any of whom may be behind the terrorist plot.